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Improving wellbeing through innovative infrared heating products.

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About Us

Founded by Paul Harris in 2016, Warmth & Wellbeing are the industry leaders of alternative, infrared heating technology. Born from a group of innovative thinkers, engineers and inventors involved in the sustainable technologies and mobility sector, their aim was to join these sectors to create products which are not only sustainable, but also aid in health and wellbeing.

Warmth & Wellbeing are committed to innovative market-leading, high-quality temperature controlled Infrared (IR) technologies and ventilation products which are both energy efficient and sustainable in an increasingly conscious global market. Health, efficiency and sustainability are the three main pillars of the foundation upon which we build our success.

We engage with the top of major organisations, such as house builders, councils and partner manufacturers, to facilitate B2B sales, conduct research for thought leadership and develop HEAT-IR branded products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to positively change the global perception of infrared heating technology, enabling infrared to become the leading solution for maintaining warmth and wellbeing on an international scale.

Our aim is to become the go-to organisation for innovative heat alternatives in residential and commercial contexts, capturing knowledge, educating and promoting awareness of IR. As part of our drive to fulfil this aim, we will continue to contribute to further research and thought leadership with partner academic organisations to expel myths about IR technology.

Heat-IR Logo

HEAT-IR™ is our brand that takes our products to market. Its slick and modern style presents our refined, advanced technological innovations that underpin our range of stylish products that utilise our unique SmartWarm™ technology.

The SmartWarm Radiator is our flagship product, developed with pedigree partners. Our unique panel designs, materials, modern branding and leading application of IR technology ensures that our products and brand are head and shoulders above heating alternatives.

What’s more, the SmartWarm Radiator uses our latest infrared technology to heat your home. Coming in a range of colours for heating your rooms, the panel enables you quickly warm up, even in the coldest areas.

SmartWarm Radiator
SmartWarm Rug

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If you’re interested in our products or initiatives, please contact us with any questions or queries by emailing us or by using the form below.